Roon does not connect or stay connected to Roon server

Roon Core Machine

Roon Core Machine

Audiostore Nova

Networking Gear & Setup Details

BT Home Hub

Connected Audio Devices

Wired Microrendu
4 Naim musos on wireless

Some photos attached:

Number of Tracks in Library

25000 tracks
1.7 tb of 2tb of server used

Description of Issue

After upgrading to release on Audiostore nova 2.8 (essential to carry on working with Roon, apparently), system has been unreliable

  1. Often get ‘cannot find core’ message on start up
  2. Any attempt to search for music after successful start up pushes system into showing ‘lost connection’ and then moving into pulsating Roon logo before it reconnects
  3. This happens whether I use iPad, mobile phone or pc to control core
  4. Happens equally on wired microrendu or wireless naims

What do vortexbox say? As it seems triggered by the upgrade…

I sent a copy of the post to them this morning. System upgrade was punctuated by a house move where the system was unused for a number of months. So, it matey well not be as direct a correlation as implied in my original post


Is it the same router and size of house that you moved to?

Yes, I moved next door - almost identical in most respects


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