ROON does not connect to ZEN MKII

I migrated the roon core from the Mac to the innuos ZEN, everything worked for about 15 minutes. Then al of a sudden ROON stopped. I tried to start Roon again on the Mac. As shown in the attached photo’s ROON does recognize the Zen, but when I click on the connect button (‘verbind’ in Dutch), nothing happens. It seems not to connect to the ZEN. The other photo’s show the wifi and ethernet DNS and IP addresses. They are not the same… could that be the problem? But why did it work for 15 minutes with the same set up? ROON still works when I choose the Mac to be the core, but I don’t want the Mac to be the core since we have the Innuos and we want to listen to our music library without having to start the Mac. I reported the problem to ROON last week but still haven’t had a response. Is there anyone who can help? Thanks, Birgit

Have you deauthorised the Mac core. You need to do this as only one core can have an active license at one time.

Yep, doesn’t work. Have deinstalled roon from all devices and reinstalled them. Problem stays. Have contacted ROON but no answer for 2 weeks now. Very disappointing since we cannot run roon now.

Hey @Birgit_Jaarsma,

It’s been way too long since you’ve created this post - I am so sorry that it took us 20 days to reply. Please, accept my sincere apology for the delay - we don’t want to disappoint.

I was wondering you’re still without Roon :pleading_face: . Could you please let us know if we can help?

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