Roon does not find album info that is available via Qobuz

Roon Core Machine

Core: ROCK on NUC, i3, 8 GB

Networking Gear & Setup Details

router: fritzbox 7590 AX

Connected Audio Devices

KEF LS50 Wireless II

Number of Tracks in Library

approx. 2,000 tracks

Description of Issue

Roon together with Quboz works mostly as expected and provides lots of joy.

I just added six albums ripped from CD using Roon. For two of them, Roon found most of the album info. For four albums, however, Roon doesn’t show any info at all (not on artist, album title, tracks, …). I tried the options to identify each album, to read again the data, and to analyse again the data, without success.

When searching for these albums on Qobuz, each of the albums that Roon doesn’t recognize are found and all info is provided.

Here my questions:
Why is Roon not finding the info that apparently is available in some data base? Do I have to provide more information to Roon? If yes, how is this done?
Is there a way to attach the data found by Quboz directly to the album?
I’d like to avoid filling in everything in by hand.

Thank you for considering this!

It sounds as though the ripping process has not provided any metadata in the ripped files for Roon to work with and identify the album(s).

If a manual search (where you give Roon the Artist and Album title) isn’t helping, then what you could do is:

  • Add the Qobuz album to your library
  • Go to the Album browser
  • Select the Qobuz album and the unidentified album with the same title and use the “3 dots” menu that will appear at the top of the screen to edit the two albums
  • Click the “Group alternate versions”
  • Make your ripped album the Primary version.
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You will find this a lot. Roon cannot use Qobuz metadata to identify a local file it’s only available for Qobuz albums and uses a very different system to local files. Essentially anything in Qobuz is classed as identified as it’s in that service Roon does nothing but match them against its metadata services then to get more info on them if it’s available.

If you see no additional information on the Qobuz version either there isn’t anything in Roons services to add. This can be down to either there isn’t any or it’s not an artist album in their system

For local files it can only use its own metadata services MusicBrainz and AllMusic. If the album is not in these then Roon will not identify it all regardless of if it exists in Qobuz.

If the Qobuz albums have additional review and info that Roon has managed to find but not your own files then something in your metadata is off and stopping it identifying it correctly and matching it.

You can add the Qobuz albums group them witth your rips and and make yours the primary then it will inherit what ever metadata Qobuz offers up.

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This had not occurred to me and I appreciate the tip.