Roon does not identify Audio-gd Digital Interface

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Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Roon Nucleus

Description Of Issue

In order to have Nucleus connected to Bryston DBA 2 DAC with SPDIF (coaxial), I connected a Audio-gd Digital Interface between them, but Roon will not identify this device. So no sound.

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Hello @Ole_G_Paulsen,

Is your Nucleus up to date with the latest firmware? I would use these instructions (<-- clickable link) to double check that you have the newest Roon version (build 401) installed on it. You can check to see which version of Roon you have installed by going to Roon Settings -> About (top right) and checking to see if that says build 401. If it doesn’t say build 401 please follow the instructions listed above.


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Hello again
(Yes, I have the latest Roon firmware). I have tried installing Audio-gd digital Interface between Nucleus and Bryston bda II dac, in order to replace USB signal from Nucleus with a coax One. Problem is, however, the coax signal does not reach the dac, i e the dac gives red signal on the coax point, not green.
Is the Audio-gd «endpoint» here, or the dac? In case it is the Audio-gd, I guess it should have been identified by Roon Nucleus, but that does not happen. What do I do? Thanks in advance for answer.


What type of interface should that be? I couldn’t find any Audio-gd digital interface that sports an optical out. Connecting two inputs will surely not provide any sound output.

What do you mean by ‘identified’? Audio-gd is not present in Roon’s Partner Devices Matrix as well as your Bryston BDA 2 is not.

Why not just using USB to connect Nucleus and BDA 2? What’s the benefit of the additional box?

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Audio-gd is some kind of USB-coax bridge, of chinese origin (I guess the name of the constructor is Kingwa)(has received many good reviews). It has USB in and SPDIF coaxial out.
I have seen many comments around recommending SPDIF signal into DAC instead of USB, should reduce harsness in sound, so they say. Just wanted to try.
Sorry to bother you with this.


I have to excuse myself as I misread your post. Coax is not Optical.

But you still haven’t provided the type of the interface nor have you clarified what you mean with ‘identified’ by Roon.

The Audio-gd is the device that’s directly connected to the Nucleus and therefor should show up in Roon Settings|Audio. Maybe you can share a screenshot of your Settings|Audio and the signal path of your system?


Trusting your own ears is always a good thing and reason enough to try things out. :grinning:

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Hi @Ole_G_Paulsen,

Can you share a screenshot of your Roon Settings -> Audio Tab? I looked up the Audio-gd DAC and it appears to have a switch between position I & position II. I am wondering if perhaps it is the type of USB implementation used, does anything change if you flip that switch?

– Noris

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Hello. Problem solved, sold the Audio-gd and bought a Lumin U 1.
Is the U 1 and Roon Nucleus a good and necessary combination?

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We have a few Lumin U1 (MINI) Roon users here.

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Hi @Ole_G_Paulsen,

Glad to hear the issue is resolved with a new DAC!

Yes, there are quite a few Lumin users, we even have a Lumin category on Community: (

I’m going to make this thread as [Solved] but I do hope you enjoy the new DAC!

– Noris

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