Roon Does Not Identify CSNY 1974

I have the starbucks sampler version of CSNY 1974, this has a quite different track listing to the other versions of CSNY 1974 that Roon suggests for this album. Can anything be done?

We’re logging metadata issues as they come so we can fix them in our database, but hold tight, full editing is coming very soon!

Hmmm, I have my rip identified in roon with no issues. Have ripped the blu-ray in 24-192 with DVD-Audio Extractor and all 40 tracks are identified, including the extra roon data.

Roon also has 5 releases to choose from.

EDIT. jumped the gun here a bit, just read that you have a version that is not in the options. Sorry.

Off topic slightly. In DVDAE do you have to manually enter track names?
I bought this a few days ago and am ripping blu-ray audio discs to get the content to Roon. Just did Tom Petty The Live Anthology. 62 tracks of cut and paste.

There are two ways how I get the tracknames.

In the right hand top corner there is a button “download metadata”. In a large number of discs this will populate all the track names, including the ones in case of different resolutions or alternate releases on one disc etc…

In case that DVDAE cannot provide track info, I just rip the disc to my output folder and then tag them with mp3tag afterwards.

Never had any issues finding the correct tags in this way.

Hope it helps, just shoot.

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Fantastic. Thank you very much.

I have the Blu-ray edition of CSNY 1974. Employed two different programs and succeeded in ripping all the tracks with proper metadata rendered in 192/24 SR. I also ripped the bonus tracks etc. roon identified the different rips I made with completely accurate meta data. Offering this information merely as a confirmation that roon performed admirably.