ROON does not import DSD (ISO) files?


I imported all my music files; however I have some DSD files (ISO) and I do not find them in ROON?
I think they are not imported!

My stereo DSD files import fine but my multichannel ones are not imported.

ISO files are not currently supported. You will have to convert them.

There is a feature request thread about it here.

Cheers, Greg

I am using the latest version of Roon, 1.2, and using a MacMini with 10.11.4. Roon imported only some of my DSD files, even from the SAME folder. For example, it imported some of the Rachel Podger from one album but not all. See screenshot.

Here’s a screen shot of the folder.

Hi @Jason_Finn – can you give this a read and let me know if it helps explain why these files aren’t importing?

If you’re still having a problem, we can take a look at the files and see if we can figure out what’s going on. The easiest way forward would be to take a file or two that is having this issue and upload it somewhere (like Dropbox). Just right-clcik the folder and send me a link in a private message – we’ll get back to you once we’ve looked over the files.

If you don’t have anywhere to upload the files, let @vova and I know and we can PM you instructions for uploading them to our server. Thanks!

Mike, still having a problem after reading the link you sent. How do I send you a private message to give you the link to the files?


Press on Mike’s or mine name, in appeared pop-up press on the blue ‘Message’ button

Only this comes up.

Try now. It should work

@Jason_Finn ----Just wanted to follow up with you concerning the issue you had encountered. Thank you for your input and more importantly your patience. I apologize for the delay. We analyzed the content you had provided to us and discovered that the media is multichannel and that is why they were not appearing in Roon. Our current version of the application supports mono and stereo content only.

  • Eric