Roon does not launch when opened [Corrupted database]

Core Machine

MacBook Pro, 3.1 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5, 8 GB, Running the latest OS

Network Details

Modem: Hitron EN2251,Routers: Sagemcom SAC2V2S, eero Pro, Connection: WiFi

Audio Devices

Chord Mojo–Connected via USB A to USB C (to computer) with an OTC chord

Library Size

No songs in my library. I use Roon for streaming TIDAL music.

Description of Issue

I’m unable to get Roon to process past the black loading screen with the Roon logo.
It started happening tonight.
The last time it was working was Tuesday 6/15, I believe.
I’ve deleted/uninstalled the app but I am not sure how to reset the database.

Back up your hard drive before starting just in case …

It may be a corrupt Roon db

You need to stop Roon, go find the db file, I can’t help with Apple, rename it to Roon_old, then restart Roon,

Roon will create an empty db since it can’t find the db and hence thinks a new install

Then restore a BU

A full step by step guide could be useful here @support

Thanks for the reply Mike. I will look to resolve this using your advice. I just am not sure how to find the corrupted db file. Not sure about restoring a backup either…
Like you mentioned having some type of guide would be useful b/c this task is probably basic but for my computing ability it may be somewhat advanced.

I found the db Mike and was able to get beyond the load screen. Thank you.

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Are you set now ?

Corrupted db seem quite common unfortunately

How have you got Roon set up for db backups, for eg I have every 2 days , store 20

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