Roon does not load the library anymore

Roon Server Machine

QNAP TVS-872XT CPU Intel(R) Core™ i5-8400T 3300 Mhz - 24 GB Ram (90 Tbyte capacity)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Vodafone Station as Router and HP 1810-24 G as a Ethernet switch

Connected Audio Devices

Apple Mac Studio via Ethernet with M1 and 64 GB Ram with a Chord Quest DAC connected with USB to the Mac Studio and a Rega headphone amplifier with Grado Headphones

Number of Tracks in Library

1,420,000 tracks

Description of Issue

Roon does not load the library anymore. Worked fine until about 3 weeks ago and now it cannot upload the library. After reading a lot of posts I decided to upload again the Roon core in my Nas and also the app in the Apple Mac Studio…nothing happened…Do you think that for large libraries I need a more powerful CPU/Ram in the NAS or is something related to the architecture of the software ? Thanks


You have 6 times as many tracks as mentioned there. In addition, specifics of the library can have a detrimental effect. Artists with 100+ albums, albums with 100+ tracks, many unidentified albums.

On the other hand it worked before and there might currently be additional software issues that also affect other people. Did you get a Roon software update before the issue started?

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Yes, problems started around half December with one of the latest update

Interesting. Best to wait for official support to look into this, but something really does sound off with this update in possibly extreme configurations that however worked before

Hi @Paolo_Vicentini,

As a simple A/B test, can you a) create a Backup and then b) remove a component of your library (ie. a Watched Folder or a streaming service) to shrink the library size down? Does this improve performance?

More impactful than library size would be the file type makeup and local subdirectory taxonomy, as well as the percentage of files that are unidentified by Roon’s audio analysis.

Tagging can also have an impact - applying the same two or three tags across 1.4 million tracks would certainly tax Roon’s indexing.

There are known performance issues that you might be encountering, as well, so the team will investigate more closely. However, @Suedkiez has identified a very real limitation - Roon is not professional file management software, and with a private library size rivaling many small-stage corporate streaming services, professional file management software is what’s required.

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