Roon does not play, constantly demands updates

Roon Core Machine

Mac Mini, (M1, 2020) OS 11.5.2, 8 GB RAM

Remote controller: MacBook Pro (16inch, 2021), OS 12.1, 16GB RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Xfinity router, core connected via Ethernet; MacBook via WiFi

Connected Audio Devices

Meridian Explorer 2 connected via USB to core and then to stereo system

Number of Tracks in Library

2783 Albums

Description of Issue

FIRST: The CONSTANT updates are making the system completely unusable. I want to be able to–and was able to for years–to play music at any of 4-5 locations in my house by using any controller (my iPhone, one of my 3 MacBook Pros, or the Mac Mini core or another Mac Mini) to play in any of 2 permanently installed “players” (the MacMini Core connected to my stereo, another MacMini connected to a secondary stereo) or at the local outputs of my MacBooks or the iPhone.
I do not play daily. So now, almost EVERY time, I try to play there is a message DEMANDING an update and the music will NOT play. Then I have to go downstairs, switch on the projection monitor on the MacMini with core to see what’s going on and realize it demands an update or is doing a database update. I understand this happening every now and then, but not EVERY SINGLE TIME!!! When I look at your update log, there is one every few days!!!
The whole point of the system, is so I DO NOT have to walk down and switch on the main system, but can play in any room whenever I want.

Here is the current problem: On my main MAcBook Pro I cannot play at all. It insistes an update is necessary, but when I click “Update All” it simply quits and never re-launches. When I re-launch manually, I still have the old version.

When I just try to use the old version to play, It first does not play, then plays a few seconds of music, then stops producing a sound, while the player progress jumps ahead wildly, then back to zero on the same song (playing a Tidal song)

See screenshot of versions installed (again, the MacBook Pro does not update, no matter what I do) and screenshot of song I’m trying to play.

Please help.

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You have the latest version on your core. Go to the app store to update your control devices. Or, maybe they just need a reboot.

In the About section, click on the gear for This Mac and choose the option to “Ask before installing updates”. Choose this options for all remotes and the core. Then instead of the update auto downloading, you will get a pop up that you can clear away and just get on with playing music.

Then when you have time to deal with it, you can update.


No, I like the “constant updates”… I totally like that the product is obviously not abandoned, features are being added, and that long standing bugs are finally being addressed. As a user, updating software (in general) is a necessary and important responsibility to keep up to date with features and vulnerabilities.


Hey @Markus_Bohunovsky,

Thanks for getting in touch, we’re sorry that you’re having some trouble with updates. In reviewing your screenshot and checking your system diagnostics it looks like your Core is up to date but all of your remotes are running older builds. Your screenshot shows that your Mac remote is still on Build 884. That’s definitely going to cause you trouble, and as you’ve noticed, remotes that are on very old versions can have problems when trying to install updates.

Two of your machines are on more recent builds, please try updating them in the usual fashion. App store for your iPhone, About page for your Mac remote named Music-2.

For the Mac in your screenshot uninstall Roon completely. (On Mac, hold down the Option key (⌥) to unhide the Library folder in the Go pull-down menu). You’ll need to navigate to ~/Library/Roon and trash that folder. Removing the app alone won’t remove the cache and config data.

After doing that, restart, then go to our Downloads page and reinstall Roon Remote on that machine. Once all your remotes are updated you should be good to go. Restarting all the devices after you update them might also be a wise additional step as a restart always helps to get things back to normal.


Well, yes. It is nice that software is being worked on and not abandoned, but it is pointless, if every second time I try to play music, I instead have to spend 20 minutes to run to all the different rooms and update, uninstall and reinstall software instead. If all computers have to be on the exact same version in order for the entire system to work, then it will NEVER work properly if an update comes every few days.
Instead, changes should be collected together and an update can run every 6 months–with all the new features and fixes.
That way, it’s only twice a year that I have to spend my time dealing with software, rather than listening to music.

Otherwise I may as well throw a record on, instead.

OK. Thank you. I will try this when I have time, but I really feel like having to do constant updates and re-installs, is preventing me from enjoying my music. I do not often have time for a listening session. The point of this system was, that when the mood strikes I can have access to all my music, no matter in what room I currently am in, and the core runs primarily as an interface-less server, so it’s not even easy to do maintenance on that system.
As it is, half of the time, instead of spending the 20 minutes I have listening to music, I am running from computer to computer to try to get the system working again. Instead of making me happy and relaxed, it is making me angry and stressed.
If the system only works if every computer is on the same version, couldn’t you collect changes together and release an update every 6 months instead? Back when I worked in software, that’s how we did it. Seems like a much better strategy. (or show me how I can keep the system from updating itself on ANY computer, so I can keep running with what I have…and then I can do an update when I have time, instead of when I want to listen! But it seems right now some computers update themselves, while others don’t and there is constantly some mismatch that prevents me from listening.)
Reinstalling software and troubleshooting it is the very opposite idea of a relaxing time for me. I can’t be the only one!

It has to be set on every device. Once one device gets updated, the others will have to follow.

Still no luck. I installed the newest version on my remote, and the video shows what happens when I try to play.
Video: Roon Screen Recording 2022 05 25 at 5 48 31 PM - YouTube

If, instead of “Local System” I choose the output that the core is connected to (“Living Room Explorer”) then the Play button doesn’t even allow me to click it. It does not become a “pause” button.

I can however play fine, if I log into the core itself and start the music from there.

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