Roon does not play music on the NAD CI580 V2

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

I’m running exclusive Roon on a win10 server. The server has no other duties. (Roon Version 1.7 build 610)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

• Internet service: 200Mbps down – 42Mbps up

• Switch: Silent Angel Bonn N8 (Test HP1420-16G)

• Ethernet cable’s Turk 841 RJ45

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

• Meridian MS600 2X

• Meridian 210 Streamer

• Moon Mind

• NAD CI580 V2 (firmware 3.10.3)

Description Of Issue
Roon is having problems playing audio files on the newly installed NAD CI580 V2.

  1. No issues at all playing through either MOON or Meridian devices. No error messages and response time via Roon is fast.
  2. Significant challenges playing through NAD CI 580 V2 devices
  • Almost always Qobuz/Tidal Playback stops after a few tacts (time <1sec)
  • Almost always get “Qobuz/Tidal Media loading slowly” error message when try to play in a zone through one of the NAD players
  • Slow response time and often must hit Play several times before music finally starts. Sometimes even if I hit Play only once it will skip tracks.
  • Zone grouping does not work well. Sometimes only one zone out of several will play.

Changing the Bonn N8 audio switch in a HP managed or a HP unmanaged switch gifs no success.
Between the Roon Server and the NAD CI580 are onli two 3m Industrial Standard Ethernet cable’s and one switch. The problem also happened while trying to play out of the Library from harddisk.
The issues still happen when using only one of the CI580 Zones and nothing else.

Best regards Uwe

Hello @Uwe_Ragnit,

We’re currently investigating reports of issues with the CI-580 and Roon. NAD is aware of these reports and has informed us they’re looking into things on their end. I recommend reaching out to the NAD support team with this report so that they have more data to work with.


NAD CI580v2 Exactly the same problem Firmware 3.12.13 from Nucleus server. Stops after 1s and says Tidal slow at loading, see network problem. Will start after several pause/play presses. somtimes stops mid track. All other endpoints work fine, and it is commercial grade network. Definitly a NAD device problem. I thought this was fixed on the v2 ?

There have been other bluos devices that were better after a factory reset. May not help but perhaps worth a try.

Yes, I have contacted NAD (Lenbrook) but they are ignoring me. all the rest of their range work perfectly with Roon, and as there have been many firmware updates to the 580, so one has to assume it is not a software problem, as they know exactly what to do across the rest of the range. My guess is that the network card, built onto the board, does not have the required speed of bandwidth to deal with 4 zones at Roon quality. As this is the V2 on the same hardware, and it works OK on their native system, I think it should just be dropped from Roon approval until replaced with a total new model. We are Integrators, and quite used to buying devices to test and discard, but why inflict this on the public ?

I too have a Ci580 (a mk1 version) and it does not work on Roon at all, but Tidal and BluOS work ok.
We also have a NAD C658, and a Bluesound Node 2 and both work fine with Roon.
Why could this be? Are there hardware limitations in the Ci580 hardware?
It would be nice to get an update from Roon with a guide as to when this might be resolved please.
I have built my whole install around NAD amps and Bluesound players, primarily to play Roon/MQA. Nad marketing and reviews/manual/web (and Roon) all said it was supported but clearly it is not. Not sure what to do next really…

Roon won’t reply you need to talk to NAD.

I have been in touch with BluOS support for a while, oddly enough they have told me to get in touch with Roon. No doubt Roon will want me to talk to Bluesound and thus the merry-go-round continues.

Hi john,

The NAD CI 580 V2 still does not work with ROON. The NAD / BluOS Support closes the case directly with the note Use BluOS or contact ROON with the problem.
I own a device which I have selected via the link on your homepage which is completely useless for me.
My hope “it will work with the next update” turns out to be unfounded.
Are there any news to this topic?

I also have a Meridian MC600 at one output I have connected a digital Meridian chain via “Speaker Link”. On others via the analog output analog power amplifiers and loudspeakers.
The audio signals are not synchronized.
A “group delay” as with the ROON ready devices would solve this problem.
Can you expect this function for the MC600 in the near future?

Regards Uwe

Hello @Uwe_Ragnit,

NAD is actively working on resolving issues with the CI-580 during Roon Ready playback. They are planning to include the improvements in an upcoming firmware update.


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