Roon does not read ACC files

Few Radio stations are actually working on Roon Live Radio. Some MP3 lines do, while ACC lines do not. I’m receiving messages saying that a file could not be loaded. For example, this is happening with Radio Canada Ici Musique, a Montreal-based radio station. a local radio station. The same is happening with BBC and Radio France stations. I’ve read the February exchanges on Roon community on this topic, to no avail.

Also, I’ve downloaded an ACC file from TIDAL (Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla - Musica de la Catedral de Puebla de Los Angeles - Ars longa de la Habana & Teresa Paz). Playing it from TIDAL raises no issues. On ROON, the three bars at the left of the title are raising and falling, but no sound is coming out from my system. Is there a setting needing changes?

Thank you for responding promptly,

François Béland

Sounds like you’ve not installed ffmpeg yet.

Hello @Francois_Beland, strange that you could play an aac file from tidal but not from a station. Could you tell us what your core is running on please? And any extra information on your setup would be useful - use this link as a guide.

And could you test the following radio stations please?
95bfm (flac)
CJSW (aac)
WRFG (mp3)

Do you get the issues on all end points?


I’ve installed a Codecs file. Thought it would solve the problem. Well, now, none of the three radio stations you suggest are working.

I’ve imported the ffmpeg file from “John Van Sickle - FFmpeg Static Builds](John Van Sickle - FFmpeg Static Builds)”. Roon is installed on a QNAP, and I’ve used the ffmpeg window in QNAP from the Roon Server app to install ffmpeg. With the mouse on the ffmpeg window, I now see “version 3.3.6”. The QNAP processor is an AMD, I’ve thus imported the compressed " ffmpeg-git-amd64-static.tar.xz" file, and decompressed it before using the Roon Server QNAP app.

The CD imported in Roon through TIDAL is not working from Roon. It is when played directly from TIDAL, without Roon as an interface, that the music comes out.

You say you have read the February exchanges - I assume you mean this post ?
Did you decompress the .xz file twice? You should end up with just an ffmpeg file only - no directory.

Either way, I’m pinging @crieke who is the expert on Roon with the QNAP. I’m sure he will be able to sort you out.

Yes, I decompressed the file. Also, Roon confirmed the success of the installation and Roon was restarted.

This is what I get after decompression:


With the ffmpeg for AMD installed, two of the stations are working However, CJSW, the ACC station, doesn’t.

Doing the same, I see:


Version 3.3.6 is the system default one that doesn’t support AAC.

Note: ffmpeg version 3.3.6 isn’t available from the site you linked, not even when following the link to old releases.

Please try installing a user supplied version of ffmpeg again. You can use the instructions (watch the video) found in the post below from the thread that BrianW already linked to:


This is exactly what I did, as described in my Aug 1 (3/8) post. You don’t seem to have read my stuff.

I’m not a computer geek, only someone expecting to have a fully working Roon without having to learn computer sciences to use it. Thus, you cannot expect that I know that ffmpeg version 3.3.6 is not the John Van Sickle AMD version.

However, as stated in my Aug 1 (3/8) post, I did import the AMD version from John Van Sickle site, click twice on it, and made the result available in the a folder on my desktop (See my post 6/8). I open the Roon Server App in the QNAP. Clicking on the ffmpeg small window, I was asked to provide the ffmpeg App in a folder created on one of the QNAP drives - ffmpeg_for_RoonServer. Did this, and finally click on “Use my ffmpeg version…”. A message appeared, saying the installation was successful and Roon was restarted. However, I still get version 3.3.6 of ffmpeg.

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I need help.

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Note: This is just a single file called ffmpeg out of the many you extracted from the download.

Maybe a reboot of the NAS as a such may resolve things for you. I also ping @crieke as he may have other troubleshooting steps in mind.

How do you copy the file over to the NAS? From a Windows machine, a MacOS one, other method?

Hi @Francois_Beland,
I am sorry for the trouble you have with the ffmpeg installation. It is actually already on my to-do list, to simplify this process.

Can you try to fully uninstall Roon Server in the QNAP App Center and reinstall it again? (Don’t worry, your database will not get touched or deleted when uninstalling the app.)
Afterwards set your database location again and check, if ffmpeg can be added now.

I found with my local CBC station in Victoria BC that I had to find an http site to listen to the station on Roon live radio feature, as the cbc player didn’t work

Having to delete the Roon Server from Qnap gets me extremely nervous, as deleting and installing any Apps on it. Initially, a tech guy installed Roon for me. I need some guidelines to do delete and install. Can you provide some?


I’ve successfully deleted and reinstalled RoonServer on the Qnap. Also, the ffmpeg version is now the “N-58069-gc253b180cb-static”.

Clikcking on the Roon interface on my iPAD, I’m asked to choose a server. The QNAP on which Roon Core is installed is identified. I click on the Connect button. An identification window opens, and I’m asked to identify myself. I do. Then, I’m said that I’m trying to install a new Roon Core. In a word, there is no way I can play Roon anymore!!!

A possibilty is that I’ve installed Roon Core on an EVO SSD disk on the Qnap, where it should have been installed in the first place and where it belong. The tech guy who installed Roon first may have installed it on the other disk, where it should not have been.

Please Help.

François Béland.

No need to worry. In the screen, that tells you, “you have set up a new core”, there should be a deauthorize button. Even though it is the same device. After that, you should see your regular Roon screen.

I am not fully sure if I understood you correctly: If you have selected a different database location in the qnap roon server window, you will start with a new empty database (because your previous database is stored in a different folder and won‘t be used. It would also explain the screen, why you have been prompted to authorize your server again.

I used the backup file from yesterday to get all my music back. All is working fine, including ACC files.

Many thanks,


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Great Francois!
And I have to apologize for the initial bug, which prevented adding ffmpeg in the first place.

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I’m new at Roon. It’s a bad joke that Roon wants to collect money every month for an audio server app and then a customer should start tinkering with some codecs like in the 90´s.

This has nothing to do with Roon and everything to do with QNAP removing support for aac in their version ffmpeg which is needed to playback and decode aac on most Linux based operating systems. Roon uses FFMpeg s for support of codecs like most software does on Linux as they are not built in like Windows and Mac. Licensing for AAC is as mess and ffmpeg cannot be bundled in some regions such as the US in a commercial product. So this is not bundled with Roon so you need to install it manually. This decision by QNAP to remove AAC support affects many other apps not just Room.

Hmm, ok I unterstand. Qnap offers the Cyan Media Player Basic for 0€ with support for AAC-codec.

Maybe Roon can use this codec?

So what, I followed instructions to add FFMPEG in Vs. 4.4 from John Van Sickle into Roon-Server and it works. But the question is how long?!