Roon does not reckognize new albums any more

I am experiencing an issue after upgrade to Roon 1.7.

Roon no longer auto-reckognizes new “physical” albums that I add to my library (I don’t use streaming). I always need to force a rescan on the settings page for my storage location in order to see newly added albums.

I am running ROCK on a NUC7i7BNH with an WD hard disk attached to via USB as my Roon core.

In the past (pre 1.7) did see my new albums that I added within a split second of copying them to my storage location.

After having changed to Roon 1.7, new albums don’t show up anymore without forcing rescan.

At the moment I have found only two ways how I can update library with new album additions:

  • Force rescan in Settings --> Storage locations
  • Restart Roon server on my ROCK

My ROCK Status

Does anybody else experience this behaviour after update? Any ideas for the cause?

Hi @Klaus_Kammerer1,

Generally, the automatic addition of new content depends on the storage device to correctly report a change to the Core machine. If a change isn’t reported, the content isn’t added automatically.

What is the current Automatic Rescan Interval set to? If you go to Settings > Storage > Edit Storage Location and set this to 1 hour, can you verify that new content is added after that time?

Hi @dylan

I have neither changed the storage device nor anything else (at least not knowingly). It worked like a charm with the existing hardware before 1.7 and does not aftern the update. That’s what I see.
I did not change any other settings.

Where do I set the time interval? I do not find the setting you were refering to.

Hi @Klaus_Kammerer1 — Thanks for the update!

Moving forward, I’d like to propose a test. It would be good to know if Roon is experiencing this issue with all locally connected drives or if it’s limited to just this one. Do you have another USB drive, even a small thumb drive, that you can temporarily connect and add to Roon? Do you see the same behavior occur?

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