Roon does not recognise any network devices

Roon Core Machine

Windows 10 PC Intel i5 16gb DDR4 ram

Networking Gear & Setup Details

PC is hardwired to broadband network. Wifi is a four point mesh network

Connected Audio Devices

2x B&W Zeppelins 2x Google chromecast with TV Apple TV. iFI Gryphon DAC/Amp. Yamaha A/V amp.

Number of Tracks in Library

22,000 tracks

Description of Issue

I have installed roon and bridge but only devices hardwired to the PC are recognised. None of my WiFi connected devices are re ignited.

When I go into settings/audio their is no network section showing

What does Settings / About show?
Have you set firewall exceptions for Roon?

Turn off windows/any other firewalls to troubleshoot…if it works then you know the issue - firewall application authorizations. Roon and RAAT

As your using a mesh system for WiFi, is it running in bridge mode so it gets IP addresses from you main router? Its likely that your not and are running unknown to yourself two separate subnets. Roon won’t see devices that are on a separate subnet. Check that your Roon core IP address is in the same range as one of your WiFi devices your not seeing in Roon, the first 3 numbers assigned should be the same. If not then that’s your issue and needs to be remedied. If not then checking firewall etc as previously posted would be wise.

Not much, as you can see.

I use Norton and all three Roon programs have firewall permissions/exceptions.

Thanks, I will check that to be sure but it seems unlikely as I can access the three air play devices that are connected to the mesh via iTunes on the PC and can control them using remote. I assume the communication protocols would be similar for Roon and iTunes?

Look in Roon settings, audio.
Roon needs a flat network with all devices on the same broadcast address. This is not a prerequisite of others.
What IP addresses are your server and wireless end points on?

Is Windows defender disabled as that can also block discovery.

Hi, Was this on the same device? If so I recommend removing Roon Bridge as it’s redundant (as RAAT functionality is included in the Roon Core installation).

It may not solve this problem but helps to guard against further issues.

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Did you do this?

If it’s not working after this then most likely different network segments at play.

Thanks for your help. I have bridged the Mesh network and that has resolved the issue.

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