Roon does not recognize a file on my NAS

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Description Of Issue
Roon does not recognize a file on my NAS. Other files are fine.

What’s the file format and can you see and play the NAS copy using alternative player software over the network?

The file format is FLAC.

Roon is the only player software that I have. Although I also have iTunes but am not sure how to go about that.

I am perplexed as I don’t have this issue with other music I have ripped to the NAS.

Thank you for your reply.

It’s the lack of other problems that makes me suspect that it might be the file itself. FLAC’s fine obviously but it’s possible that the file is damaged some how OR that it’s not identified. In the second case the file is in Roon, just not under the artist / title your expecting. Check out the unknown tracks to see if this is the case.

Sometimes you just need to transcode the file. As @killdozer said, you can get a corruption in the FLAC container that renders it unreadable. You can transcode the file to a .AIFF format and see if that is read. If it is, transcoding it back to FLAC will likely make it readable as well.

These are my first attempts to rip cds so my understanding of this is very basic and rudimentary. Your help is much appreciated. The said file is only sitting on the NAS far as I can tell. It does not show up on my track list in roon. Where would I look for unknown tracks? Also how would I transcode the file? I am using dbpoweramp to rip.

Hi @Philip_Soloway and a belated welcome to the forums. Under settings > library there is “Skipped Files” which will tell you if the file was missed for any reason, e.g. corrupt. You can also use Album Browser > Focus > Inspector, check the the “Identified” box then press the green “+ Identified” label to make it pink. The view will now show files that aren’t identified properly.

From memory if the track title has certain special characters in it it can throw things out. Worth checking to see how the track name is formatted

Hey @Philip_Soloway, welcome to the community! These guys have some good suggestions here. Did the NAS work at one point and stop working recently or is it something new entirely?

The said missing rippedalbums which did not automatically transfer do eventually appear after a time in the library without my having to do anything. There can be quite a delay before this happens though. In addition to that,I am now also finding that while playing a particular cd the play stops with the message: track failed to load followed by “too many failures. stopping playback” at which point everything freezes with the same message coming up for any selections I make coming from feeds from my streaming service as well. This crash takes sometime to eventually clear on its own.

Hello @Philip_Soloway, are you able to play the issue tracks with another media player?

I had forgotten that when I setup the roon that I set it to scan NAS every 4 hours. That’s why some of the albums did not show up when I would go to my library shortly after I had ripped them. I am experiencing another unrelated issue having to due with a message that I get when I try to play a particular track from an album on my NAS. The message reads as follows. Track failed to load.Too many failures stopping playback. Then I am not able to playback any of the other tracks on the album or sometimes any other album whether or not it is being fed via my streaming service or the QNAP.I get the same message for all of them. In other words, the system freezes completely. It eventually comes back on its own but I’m not able to play the track which seems to set the freeze in motion lest it will happen again. I would like to know how this can be resolved especially if it reoccurs with other tracks.

Hi @Philip_Soloway. On a phone so brief. In two words network bandwidth. There’s a bottleneck somewhere between the NAS and Roon, or Roon and an endpoint. Or both. Might be something else but have tracked down similar issues and it’s nearly always network related. If you can describe what’s connected to what and how you’ll likely get some useful help here.

Hi, via ethernet cables: external router switch to Verizon router, QNAP and nucleus to router switch. will be updating the 4 year old router.

What about the endpoint you’re playing from, and do you have multiple endpoints? Sorry but am trying to picture the network chain properly.

Also, is the Verizon router just used as a modem then?

it is what verizon calls the home has ethernet connections and wifi ( am going to buy the latest version of this device which has better wifi) and is connected to other boxes that the verizon tech installed on the wall. Sorry for not being able to provide more specific info about these things.

No worries, what are you using as a player and how is that connected to the network?

I am using the Nucleus connected to the network with an ethernet cable.

So when playing from the NAS everything’s connected to a single network switch. When you stream it comes through the Verizon router, then the switch. Everything is connected via LAN cables. What’s the switch make and model? If both NAS and streaming start jumping tracks that’s common and possibly not up to the job.