Roon does not recognize Ares II

So I just installed Roon for the first time, listened to Tidal so far.

My setup is as follows:
Streaming from IFI Zen USB output → Denafrips Ares ii → XLR inputs Hegel H120
So far it used to work flawlessly using Tidal Connect.

Problem is now than i tried Roon, it seams like it doesn’t recognise the DAC.
When i play a song, Zen streams normally (roon only mode) , but is is like the sound never goes to the DAC - i have to sound.
I also don;t see Ares II nowhere in the chain, but since it is not connected to my PC but only to the streamer, it made sense to me.

Again Tidal connect through the app works with no problems.

Am i missing something?
Sorry, im new to this…

Just found the solution.
Apparently when using in Roon only mode, Zen uses Spdif by default, you have to manually change it to USB and it’s not so straight forward.

Thank you


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