Roon does not recognize ATOLL MS100 on network

Roon recognize audio output options for installed mac and other network devices including Topping DAC.

However, it does not recognize ATOLL MS100 Streamer runs connected to ethernet. Audirvana was able recognize immediately.

Roon is installed on Macbook that also connected via Ethernet cable.

Any recommendation?

Thank you.

Maybe it’s because MS100 is not Roon tested / Roon ready and has only DLNA / UPnP support.
Not sure about AirPlay.

Roon doesn’t use UPnP, Audivarna does. This streamer only support DNLA/UPnP.

As this device is not Roon Ready, you have a couple of options:

  • A direct USB connection to your Mac.
  • An indirect USB connection via a Roon compatible network bridge.

Do you know if Atoll have a MS100 to MS120 (which is Roon Ready) upgrade package?


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