Roon does not recognize ethernet connection on Bricasti M12 [Answered]

Hi Guys
I’ve been using a B M1SE for a few weeks now with Roon with USB. Great Sound / No Issues
I’ve upgrade to a B M12 and the USB connection works fine as well. Great Sound / No issues

For some reason, Roon does not recognize the M12 using an ethernet connection only

I’m using a dedicated Mac Mini for the Roon core and have both the Mac and the M12 connected to my Verizon Cable Modem/Router.

I’m happy to send screen shots and provide additional info, but I, not sure where to start.
Can anyone help

Unfortunately, I don’t think that the Bricasti M12 is a RoonReady endpoint, so you’ll need to use it (via USB) in conjunction with a network endpoint that is. The Bricasti M5 is such a device, but there are numerous lower cost options available. You could also check with Bricasti to see if they have any plans to make the M12 RoonReady.

Hi, @m3r, thanks for the report! Unfortunately, @orgel is right, it’s not in this list. So you’ll have to use USB as you did before, sorry!


Thanks Guys