Roon does not recognize my ultrarendu after a power outage

Core Machine

windows10 on surface pro 3

Network Details

WRITE HERE xfinity modem-router uptone ether regen to sonore ultrarendu

Audio Devices

WRITE HERE Kitsume Holo May DAC

Description of Issue

WRITE HERE My system was working perfectly before a power and network outage. I own a microrendu as well as an ultrarendu. After rebooting everything (Computer, router, Microrendu, Ultrarendu, DAC) the microrendu is recognized and works but the ultrarendu is not available. I
have gone thru the Sonore sonicorbiter program and both devices are recognized on the network and set up for Roon, but again, only the microrendu functions and is recognized by Roon.

John it is my experience that the order in which you turn on your DAC is important. I have found that the DAC needs to be on before the ultraRendu and on the proper inout for Roon to “see” it. Not sure what order you turned everything on when you rebooted but you may want to try changing the batting order in order to get it recognized.

Thanks John
I changed the input on the DAC from I2S(cd spinner running a burn in track on repeat) to USB(the ultrarendu) and the ultrarendu is recognized.
Easypeasy, Huh?

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