Roon does not recognize new Ultrarendu

You mean EtherREGEN?

Yes, I get my regen’s and rendu’s mixed up sometimes. I mean, I’m still trying to separate “Small Green Computer” who doesn’t make the products they sell, and where their Rendu’s are configured. Uptone Audio is a whole different matter. I think I might like my analog system more these days.LOL

I bypassed the EtherRegen and nothing changed. I guess I’ll have to do another round of rebooting everything in exactly the correct sequence.
By the way in Roon- setup- audio, I can’t “scan for devices” connected to the core. Why?

The problem is solved! I got rid of HQPlayer. I reconfigured in Sonicorbiter the Ultrarendu changing it from HQPlayer NAA to a Roon ready device and suddenly both of my Ultrarendus were seen by Roon. I added back the EtherRegen and everything is working. So, I wasted $200 on the HQPlayer program from Signalist, but my $500 Ultrarendu is sounding wonderful and I won’t have to sell it.
I thank everyone here for their help. I’ve learned a lot from this experience and maybe it will be of service to someone else out there. By the way, Andrew Gillis did in fact tell me privately that HQPlayer wouldn’t work with the Rendu players and might be the problem.

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I can tell you that you are disparaging HQPlayer without basis. I suspect that you were doing something wrong with how you setup Roon to use HQPlayer or between the HQPlayer and the ultraRendu. I have been using HQPlayer with Roon and an ultraRendu for several years and have never had any problems with the setup. There are too many people here using Roon, HQPlayer, and a variety of NAAs, including the ultraRendu, for the problem to be something other than a configuration issue with you being the wildcard.

If @agillis told you that the ultraRendu has issues with Roon/HQPlayer, he would be wrong. Somehow I don’t think that is what he told you. If there were a problem with the Rendu series and HQPlayer, why would Sonore include the HQPlayer NAA software on the Rendu units??

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His complaint is valid if it prevented him from doing what he needed to do. Especially as his money is spent. You may not agree but $200 buys him an opinion. In the end the parties that stood up and offered assistance won the day for this customer.


Well, he certainly gas the right to complain. The validity of that complaint is something else entirely.

I don’t see that he ever attempted to contact @jussi_laako or post about this in the HQPlayer section of the forum. Also, if you look at the first post, the HQPlayer ultraRendu was said to be working fine. It was the Roon endpoint that he said was not working.

It seems to me that he did not troubleshoot the HQPlayer issue. Did he verify that the ultraRendu running as an HAA was visible AND selected in HQPlayer or that it was not visible to HQPlayer? It seems all that was done was trying things in Roon. Part of the configuration is there but not all of it. HQPlayer has to recognize the the ultraRendu and, after that is configured, Roon has to recognize HQPlayer.


  1. Make sure the ultraRendu attached to a working DAC and that is running the HQPlayer NAA software.
  2. Open HQPlayer then open “Settings” and make sure the ultraRendu is visible and elected in the “Device” dropdown list.
  3. Make sure Roon is setup properly for HQPlayer which includes making sure you have the correct IP address for the HQPlayer system. If that system is the same as the system with Roon, then the IP address should be set to “localhost”.

My experience is that Andrew Gillis likes to point fingers at other products than his own for problems. I have no idea what happened here. Maybe all the IP addresses changed and that caused some issues. I am not sure. But, HQPlayer is not likely to be the problem. Lack of experience on the user’s part is probably the issue here.

Asking since I’m curious and have never used a Rendu. Does it auto switch inputs? Meaning if it is set to be a Roon endpoint will it automatically switch to being a HQPlayer endpoint?

Mea culpa. I didn’t mean to disparage Jussi Lasso or his product. I admit that I didn’t understand the owners manual. I enjoyed using HQPlayer. I was upsampling to DSD256 and playing to my HoloMay KTE DAC. It sounded wonderful and I will miss it. Maybe when things settle, I will try HQPlayer again. Jusso was very helpful when I first set up HQPlayer, and I didn’t think to bother him about my issue. I got things working early this morning when in desperation I removed HQPlayer. Then, everything started to work! So, what was I to think? I guess I’m not much of a detective and certainly not much of a digital tech.

It does not automatically switch. One configures it with a program called “Sonicorbiter”

I’m out of here for now.

Actually it is a solution for the op for now so is correct.
Now if the op wants to move onto the next stage of figuring out HQP that’s a topic for another thread.

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I have a Holo Audio May KTE and I can tell you that it sounds so much better using HQPlayer than it does without it….like an order of magnitude better!

Zat so? Maybe I’ll try adding it back and see what happens. Maybe a 71 y/o man needs some advice on how to do it. I already bought the license. At worst, I’ll be without music for a while.

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