Roon does not resize correctly on screen rotation

When I rotate my tablet to vertical format, it sometimes resizes in width but not in height. And when I rotate back to horizontal, similar problem. So I end up with a square window. And it seems that the program doesn’t know it, so I can’t resize it by dragging the title bar to the top of the screen, or double clicking it. The full screen icon in the hamburger menu works, but that is not the same.

(Windows 8.1 on Surface.)

I know you said that 'Full Screen" mode works, did you try maximized?

The square window thing is strange… we dont ever change the size of the window (other than to restore it from a previous run). When we are windowed, Windows does it all. When we are maximized, Windows still does it all. When we are full screen, we track the desktop resolution.

Is Windows making your window square?

With Full Screen I mean the four blue arrows in the hamburger menu.

Maximized is not available, I don’t see the normal icons in the upper right corner. Ah, I think I was in Full Screen mode. I’ll do some more experiments, but Room just crashed and crashes again on restart. I’ll try abit and then reboot if necessary.

Ok, now I could repro, sort of.

It worked ok. Then I went Full Screen, worked ok. Rotated back and forth. Then, while in horizontal mode, I went out of Full Screen mode, and got a square window. And it was tucked under my Task Bar along the left edge. Maximize worked. When I hit Restore, I got the square window back as expected, but it was also tucked under the task bar.