Roon does not run any longer on my mac

I did not use my mac which is my roon server for a while now, today I started the mac again and a window asked for permittance for raat which I denied because I dont know what it is…
any way it seems after some deeper search that this is part of roon which runs but i dont have any audio output at all, every other source runs perfect
How can I solve the problem?
How can I deinstall roon and start from the beginning?
I did not find any roon files in my library

Hi @Jens_Lange ---- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us.

Moving forward, the reason your audio outputs are not available is because you had blocked RAATServer. You will need to go into your security settings and make sure there are security exceptions for both “Roon” and “RAATServer” in place.


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