Roon does not scan audiofiles on Synology DS415+ NAS [SOLVED]

Hi Roon,
I have installed Roon core on a Synolgy DS415+ and the remote on a Windows 10 laptop. During this install I granted all internet access to both Roon and Raat.
My music is located in folders below the standard Synology ‘music’ folder (Audio Station is installed and active).
I can add the ‘music’ folder as watched folder in the remote, using name as well as IP-address. It’s status is ‘connected’.
Roon does not scan any of the approx 4.000 flac files I loaded in that folder.
I can find no error messages in the logfiles timestamped after a ‘force rescan’.
What could keep Roon from scanning and publishing my library?

Hi @Egbert_Braam ----- Thank you for the feedback and sorry for troubles here. I have a good idea of the issue you are experiencing based on your report (kudos), but I would like to understand exactly what you are working with as well :sunglasses:

I see from your post:

  • Roon core on a Synolgy DS415+ w/ Audio Station installed and active
  • Windows 10 laptop acting as a remote

May I kindly ask you to please expand on this information for me, as seen here. The more detail you can provide about the gear you are working with and what your network configuration is like, the easier our evaluation process will be.


tx for the quick response.
Relevant info could be:
Windows 10 Home, Version 1607, build 14393.321
Lenovo with Intel i5 6200 / 64 bit
Used RoonServer_Synology_1.0_x86_64.spk for the NAS and rooninstaller64.exe for W10
Not so relevant maybe:
Using a Slimdevice / Logitech transporter that is recognized and says Roon in the display, but as there is no content I can’t tell if it ctually works yet.
I just added a radio station, It does recognize, but it won’t start as there’s nothing in my queue?
Beginning to sound like a firewall issue?

I assume you have configured the watched folder as a network path (smb://…). In most cases this leads to these issues. As your Synology is your Core (or Roon Server) and your music folder is on the same device you should add it as a local folder.
Click in the window, where you entered the smb credentials for your watched folder, the button “Add Local Folder”:

The local folder should be


If you have more than one volume, it could be that the music folder is on a different volume. You can check this in the shared folder settings:

In the screenshot it would be ‘/volume2/music’. But in most cases it is volume1.

(Please note that there should not be a space in volumeX when entered as a path in Roon, even though it is displayed with a space in the second image)

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it’s scanning!
And, YESSSS, it plays!
Made my day. Or rather, my night.


Great news … what was changed to enable that?

Both Roon serverr and the music library were on the same volume, so I needed to add a local file into the mix

Cool, thanks for the update.