Roon does not see my iOS devices, except as remotes

From what I’ve read here, Roon is supposed to be able to play through iOS devices on its network. I have no problem playing through either of my two BluSound Nodes, and I can control the stream with both my iPad and my iPhone. But when I go to set up a new device Roon/Settings/Audio, I see only the Nodes, 3 different Sound Blasters- ASIO and WASAPI (I’m guessing those are my audio card in the PC) an NVIDIA output which can only be my video card, one called System Output which is exactly that, off the MB, and a cryptically-named device, High Definition Audio Device, also WASAPI, which plays nowhere as far as I can tell. The PC connects to the Nodes over a Gigabit ethernet connection, and the PC itself is connected both via ethernet and WiFi, by which it is networked with the iOS devices. What am I doing wrong, or what’s wrong with my Roon installation?

Hi Charles go into settings->Audio on your iOS device and enable it as an audio zone. From memory they are private Zones that you can only play from the device itself (though I could easily have mis remembered that)

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Just to clarify you need to be on the iOS device in question, then when you go into settings:audio on it you enable it’s system output.
Then it should play through the iOS device itself.

PS…I only have an iPad mini4 and it works that way on it just fine.
Can’t speak for an iphone or iMac but don’t see why they would be any different.

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I think the actual problem here is the instability of the wireless network on my Windows 10 PC. For some reason, and I’ve done a lot of research on this to no avail, the PC will not hold a wireless network for longer than about 5 minutes. I can’t for the life of me figure that out, but I did get the iPhone to work briefly before the network went down and Roon crashed.

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Charles you may already know this but Roon doesn’t recommend WiFi for Roon core or endpoints. Though a lot of users put Roon endpoints on WiFi and quite a few put the Core on WiFi as well. If you have problems you are pretty much on your own though Support will review the logs to confirm the issue.

My Core sits behind a Orbi WiFi Mesh and it gives me almost Ethernet speed due to a 3rd channel for traffic back haul. The Core is directly connected via Ethernet.

Sounds like you need to work on your WiFi issues, but if you can get Ethernet to the Core it does make a huge difference.

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Just to clarify early comments, if you want other control devices to “see” a phone or tablet, you first need to make them not private in the phone or tablets audio device settings.

On the device in question, go to Settings Audio, enable the phone or tablet, give it a name. Then hit device settings, and set the option “Private Zone” to NO. All phones and tablets default to YES unless manually changed. Once done, other control devices should see and be able to initiate playback TO that device.