Roon does not see nuc

i have reset everything except database settings which gives error code status failure exitcode 2

Settings and databses could not be reset. Please try again, or contact support. {“status”:“Failure”,“exitcode”:2}

You should post this in the Support category so @support will see it.

thanks done

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how old is the NUC…sounds like maybe a reinstall is needed - you dont say what OS you are running but I will assume ROCK so redownload ROCK and reinstall from scratch.

I would also as a cursory thing reseat the RAM and SSD internally.

if all of the above gets you nowhere then its probably the SSD has an issue and another SSD is likely the best bet to try.

thanks newish nuc been ok for a couple of weeks rock…i built it…reinstalled everything came up ok did library back up ok then went to connect comes up connection failed also just tried an older back up once its done it comes up connection failed roon optimized core kit

now i have everything working but no playlists restored from back up i did today so i did another back up from 3 weeks ago that had my playlists but missing 3 weeks tried todays back up again no playlist back to 3 week old back up no playlist that was there before…hmmm it appears and im guessing if you reset database and settings it deletes playlists theres no warning…@support need help please

Reset database deletes everything

hmm not much fun when theres no warning 2 x 2000 track playlists gone also deletes them from the back up file?..ok thanks

It can’t delete them from a backup. So if your backup had them it’s should restore them…should.

hi wizard not sure what you mean…but what i think is if you click on reset youre playlists are gone from everywhere…including back up file @support please advise further the reset database needs to have a warning all info will be deleted including playlists

No they are gone ONLY from the current installation… how can the backup be affected? Its on a completely different media…either that or have not done your backup correctly.

Your backup’s should include everything that was there at the time of the backup, except your music files, of course. Once you get this figured out and working again, I recommend you backup more often. I backkup every night and keep 30. I also backup every month and keep 12.

roger will attempt backup restore again from latest back up file ill report back thanks guys

You can keep working backwards until you find your files. However, they should be there in all your backups.

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ok happy days restored from a 3 week old back up so 90% good ok so i have learnt reset database deletes everything including your playlists in roon but not your back up file…i did create a new back up before i reinstalled roon onto the nuc but i think i must have reset the database before i created the back up hence no playlists hence @support please put a pop up warning on the reset database button and thanks all for the help have a great weekend

You may want to delete any Roon backups you just did that do not include your playlists. Also, now that you have it all back, I suggest you do a backup now.

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There is a pop-up warning…

Roon 2093


Typo sorry CANT

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