Roon Does not see Squeeze Box Touch

I activated the SB in the Roon Set-Up.
No LMS server is running.
I’ve shut down any device.
I recycled power at the SBT and the computer running Roon.
I typed the IP Address of the computer (Windows Surface Pro 4 running windows 10) running Roon into the SBT.

Nothing shows up on the Roon audio menu.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

If on the SBT display you choose " change music library " what options do you see?


Is anything else using port 9000 on your server? If not, might be worth temporarily turning off the Windows firewall and seeing if that helps.

I am running Roon on A Surface Pro 4. I have Symantec Cloud Endpoint Protection. The Window Firewall is turned off.

As Sloop_John_B says, go your SBT and look for library. Did you find it ?

Make sure you enable squeeze supports in Roon settings

[quote=“Ed_Lyle, post:4, topic:13867”]
Symantec Cloud Endpoint Protection
[/quote]Hi Ed,
When switching off the Windows firewall was mentioned, it was on the assumption that the Windows firewall was running, if you are running an alternative firewall then the same advice applies to that software.

The firewall may well be blocking the incoming SBT connection request (port 9000 has been suggested).
If it works with your firewall off, then you can look into how to configure it to open up that port.

It was the Symantec Firewall.

Thanks to all for your help.

Glad your up and running now, thanks for update.