Roon Does Not Show Albums In Qobuz [ticket in]

I am a user of Roon and Qobuz in the USA. When I search for the Jazz Singer Peggy Lee in Roon I see very little for her catalog. When I search for Peggy Lee in the Qobuz android app I get many albums for her catalog. Why don’t I see the same albums in both? I do not have any Peggy Lee albums stored on my NAS locally.

Please share a screenshot of your search results. Also, is Peggy Lee listed as the top result or in the artists returned? If so, click on the artist. What do yo see?

here is the screenshot from Roon

here is the screenshot for Qobuz

I am new to chromebooks so I am not sure the above will properly display

sorry for the above,
here is the part from Roon showing albums.

here is the part showing albums from Qobuz

I hoping you would show the search results screen … two of the images above are not from Roon and the other two are from the Artist page.

Nonetheless, I see from the screenshots that there are 85 compositions listed in Roon. If you want to see the releases, select Performer rather than Composer on the Artist page (right-hand side above the tags.)

I am going to be sending you a series of screen shots from Roon and then from Qobuz. There will be one screen shot per reply.

Here is the first one from Roon.
This is the Roon search results page. I am selecting on the main artist.

Here is the second screen shot from Roon after selecting the large artist picture on the reply above showing what Roon returns.

Here is the search screen in Qobuz.

Here is the result of the Qobuz search. As you can see Roon finds none of these albums.

This screen is showing compositions. To se the albums you’ll need to ensure you have Performer selected … see below. Also, if you look closely you’ll see 83 compositions listed on Qobuz.

That completes my series of screen shots. I am not having any issues with the other searches I do in Roon and am having no trouble finding albums for other artists. The only artist I am having trouble with is Peggy Lee.

I am new to chromebooks so I apologize for not being very proficient.

Can you see the buttons highlighted below? And the Quboz link under collections?

I think what’s going on is that Roon counts albums, whilst Qobuz counts releases of albums. For example, if I search for Peggy Lee in Roon, and click on Peggy Lee, artist (also my top result), I get to Peggy Lee’s artist page in Roon. Scrolling down that page shows several sections, first, the albums in my library that are of Peggy Lee, or those where she makes an appearance (compilation albums). Then comes the Qobuz section, and that tells me she has 130 main albums, and 513 Singles and EPs in Qobuz.

Now the Qobuz app tells me that Peggy has 740 releases in the Qobuz service, but Roon is saying that there’s 130 + 513 = 643 albums, singles and EPs in total. That seems like a discrepancy.

However, if I go to one of the albums (e.g. Black Coffee), and click on the Versions tab, then Roon tells me that in fact there are 10 versions (releases?) of this one album:

So I think(?) that’s what’s going on here, Qobuz counts all versions/releases, while Roon aggregates them into albums/singles/EPs, and lists the versions in addition.

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Here is an example of a different singer. In Roon I select Enya as the artist, just like I select Peggy Lee. Roon then shows me the 4 albums in my library and the albums from Qobuz with a icon for Qobuz beside each album. This is what I am expecting to see with Peggy Lee.

It seems to be working with Peggy here…

Although - this is from selecting Peggy Lee as the artist from a search. Are you starting with the Artist Browser, and choosing Enya/Peggy?

I don’t actually have an album by Peggy Lee in my collection, so I need to do a search for her to identify her albums.

I do have Enya in my collection, so starting from the Artist browser, I get similar results to what you have. I do notice that at the moment, fetching Qobuz results can be slow (the Qobuz section sometimes takes a while to appear).

I have found a second artist with the same problem as I am experiencing with Peggy Lee. There is an artist called Gandalf that a friend told me about yesterday. There are several albums by Gandalf on Qobuz. When I do a search on Roon I get no albums just like with Peggy Lee. In both cases (Peggy Lee and Gandalf) I do not currently have an album from the artist in my collection. Could the problem be that Roon cannot handle a search for an artist that is not currently represented in my collection?

I am currently getting very slow response in Roon. The response is so slow that searches are timing out. I will have to postpone further work until the response time for searches improves.

Response time is much better now. I just tried the search of Gandalf again and it seems to be working like Enya now and showing the albums from Qobuz. Peggy Lee still is not showing the albums from Qobuz.

are you looking at the Composer view or the Performer view, i.e., which one of these words is blue on the screen?

After re-reading the replies above and looking at several more artists in Roon, I have noticed that every other artist I look for has the performer composer selection. On my screen for the artist Peggy Lee I do not get the display of performer or composer so I cannot make the selection of performer or composer on Peggy Lee. The other artists all default to performer. If you go to reply 7 and look at my screen shot you will see that the performer composer selection is not there. If you look at Martin’s reply in 10 you will see the performer composer selection on his screen shot. It would appear that is the problem. I have no idea what would make that selection fail to appear. As a thought, I am using a Samsung Plus V2 chromebook and possibly the Roon app is not fully compliant with running on a chromebook. Is anyone else using a chromebook? If so do you also have this problem?

here is a new screen shot of the problem and as you can see the performer composer selection button is not there.

That’s interesting - your screenshot is showing Compositions in your library, so I would expect to see the Performer/Composer tab there - it’s certainly showing on my Roon control device.

The Performer/Composer tab is not shown in all cases. It should only appear when:

  • You have at least one track or album by the artist in your library AND
  • At least one track has been identified by Roon as a composition by that artist.

You say you get to this screen by searching for “Peggy Lee”, and then selecting the top result. I’m thinking that you haven’t actually got any of Peggy Lee’s albums (i.e. Peggy Lee as a Performer) in your library yet, but you do happen to have two compositions that have been (co-)composed by Lee.

I have examples of both albums performed by Peggy Lee and compositions (co-)composed by her, so I’m seeing the tab. I’ll bet if you add a Peggy Lee album to your library, she’ll start showing the tab on her page.