Roon does not show imported albums from Qobuz and JRiver CD

most of the imports work well. I rip CDs with JRiver. Had one disc that I ripped a couple of times, see it on my hard drive but Roon does not see it. Now have 2 more discs with same problem. Also downloaded 4 discs from Qobuz. 3 work well, 1 is invisible in Roon.

HI Ton,

What is the Qobuz disc and what are the ripped discs?

Ripped discs are McCoy Tyner, both “Enlightenment” and “Sahara”, and Miguel Zenon, “Soy la tradicion”, the Quobuz download was Larry Coryell “Inner Urge”. All where ripped / downloaded with several other albums that worked well. Repeats do not help[


I just purchased this and downloaded it. Roon saw it immediately and I’m playing it. I downloaded it in FLAC, what did you download it in?

Hi Daniel, I use AIFF format. Not a problem for 98% of my rips/downloads. I can check later today but would hate to change fornat because of Roon limitations

I ask because qobuz downloader seems to keep defaulting to wma ( which Roon doesn’t see) for me if I forget to choose flac.

Roon does support Aiff. Did you have this album in your library prior to downloading it?

Hi Daniel, I resolved 75% of my problem. JRiver makes a nice library of folders, sorted like McCoy Tyer, then CD folder (in my case 2 CDs) with the songs in the speciifc CD folders. Same for Miguel Zenon and all. I copy these from Laptop to separate Hard Drive as they are. On the drive I created a new folder “John Doe” and copied the McCoy Tyner and Miguel Zenon CD folders under John Doe => they show up in Roon and I can play. Did the same for Larry Coryell but no luck. Will stop trying. I may look for some other Quobuz albums in the near future to download and see if my luck improves.
Not an elegant solution but it works. I may try changing John Doe to “miscellaneous albums” or so in the future.