Roon does not show my surface pro audio output

Core Machine (main desktop, Windows 10 latest build /Ryzen 3900X, 16GB DDR4 3266 /Roon 1.7 build 555 64 bit)

Connected Machine (Windows 10 latest build /Surface Pro 4 Corei7, 8GB DDR, /Roon 1.7 build 555 64 bit)

I’ve installed my Roon core on my main desktop that has its own audio output and installed a roon client connected to the Roon Core via WiFi. I can see and control my Roon library from my surface pro but cant use it as an output. I have a DAC connected to the Surface Pro USB that works fine with Tidal or as system audio output. Roon doesn’t show this device as an output device but does show my android phone with the remote roon client as an output option. I’ve tried deleting Roon client from the Surface Pro and installing Roon Bridge, no luck.

Any ideas? thx!!

Network Details: Roon server connected through ethernet to a gigabit Allied Telesys Switch, Xirrus XR630 access point connected through ethernet to the same switch broadcasts the SSID the surface pro connects to.

Audio Devices Roon server connects to a 2.1 system via SPDIF, Surface pro connects to an Emotiva TA-100 embedded DAC via USB

Audio output for surface pro nowhere to be found, cant configure it as a Zone

Try turning off both firewalls to see if it shows up. If so, then add Roon and Raat as esceptions

hey Daniel!
thanks for your reply, both machines have Roon and Raat as exceptions.
Surface Pro can see the Core without issues but no audio output shows on that machine (not even locally)


Hello @Federico_Argerich, can you send me a screenshot of “Settings>Audio”? Also, have you tried temporarily disabling firewall and antivirus?

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