Roon does not show the storage drive connected to my Esoteric N-05

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Hello. I am a new Roon user and am unable to find the files stored on the USB SSD attached to my Esoteric N-05. The N-05 was recently made “Roon-ready” by Esoteric and readily shows up as a Zone in Roon. This is all in good working order, since when I use the Esoteric Sound Stream app, the drive shows up along with Tidal and Qobuz as a source option, and plays saved files stored on it when selected. I will also want to be able to access this drive, so I have the option of purchasing tracks for download.

My network consists of a Comcast Xfinity XB6-T cable modem and the N-05 is connected by ethernet through a Trendnet Gigabit switch, and my MacBook Pro Core is connected via WiFi running OS 10.14.6 #2. The N-05 is analogue out to my Spectral DMC 30SV preamp and digital out to my Esoteric D-O2x digital-analogue converter, which is connected to my Spectral preamp via an analogue output. The rest of my system consists of Spectral DMA 400RS monoblocks, an Esoteric G-01 the Rubidium Clock, Esoteric P-02x transport, Magico Q3 speakers and top-tier MIT cabling.

I mention the rest of the system because it leads me to my second and final question.

I have gone to the trouble and expense of assembling a true high-definition audio system, and I can hear the finer details of recordings and much of what’s real in music. I have a true-to-source type system and that is my preference. For this reason, I value 192-24 and MQA hi-def streams and files. I have not found a way to get Roon to display the file type of the music along with the name/recording info of the musical selection. The only way I have found to get the file type is to click through to different inner information screens. This is a slow, laborious process.

Again, to use the Esoteric Sound Stream app as an example, when I do a search, I can arrange my results in a list and the album listings are displayed as thumbnail album covers with the hi-def or MQA logo attached. I know immediately the format of the file as well as the album as soon as I see it in the list. I find this manner of searching very convenient. Is there a way to duplicate this search result in Roon?

Thank you in advance for any light you can shed on these two issues. Ted.

It isn’t good to have the files plugged in to the N05. Even if you could access them you would be pulling files off for processing at the core. Plug the drive direct in to the core when using Roon.

Thank you, Henry. What you say makes sense. Ted.

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Regarding your second question, Roon allows you to Focus on different criteria within your library, that might be HighRez or a particular label or whatever you fancy.
The concept is best introduced here:
Let us know how you get on!
Oh, and showing resolution in album view is easy:

I’ve a similar set up to the OP with an Esoteric N-01 using Soundstream app, Tidal and an 8 tb Seagate USB drive with 2200 hi rez albums, except my question is more basic as i don’t yet have Roon.

My N01 isin a living room feeding a high end two channel system. I use an Ipad 2 as my remote for the Soundstream app to control both Tidal and my USB music library. It’s ethernet connected to a wireless extender and so far Tidal MQA streams with no issues.

Prior to the N-01, I used an I5 laptop running Foobar for my hi rez library and streaming Tidal connected via SPDIF to my Esoteric K-01Xs DAC Digital RCA input.
The N-01 takes up the rack spot where I had my laptop, and I don’t have another shelf for a separate Roon core computer.

I have an identical copy of the drive attached to my Oppo 205 in my home theatre system and use it’s search by genre/artist/album and folder with no issue.

Unfortunately Soundstream can only search folders on USB direct storage, so no search of my USB High Res Library like i can do with Tidal. I would have to go to NAS and then wire ethernet to my N-01 for Soundstream to fully work, which is not really easy for me in my living room where I have the system.

The N01 is a big improvement in DAC chip, Tidal management, full MQA , etc so I’m happy with it, but realize Roon would be a big improvement in music management, playback etc.

So I’m interested in Roon to replace Soundstream and have some basic questions.

  1. It appears I will need a separate computer for Roon Core unlike Soundstream where I just downloaded on to my iPad and it saw the N-01?

I just want to make sure I understand on Roon needing a separate core computer, vs the Soundstream app just needing the ipad and the N01.

Not opposed to doing this, but it becomes a lot more involved than just downloading the Roon app to my Ipad like I did with Soundstream.

Thanks in advance for your help

You will need a separate computer. However it can be very small. NUC based computers are built around a 4 inch square motherboard. And they don’t need to be in your rack or even in your room. Mine was originally plugged into my ISP’s router in another part of the house. Minimum i3 spec, SSD for OS and database, 4gb RAM. The only issue I can see is you say you are using an iPad 2? Roon control app won’t run on that. If it is an Air 2, that should be OK.
But to be clear, you will need a PC, and a relatively modern iPad to run Roon. But Roon can run on your laptop as proof of concept. Use Ethernet to connect it into your network and it will emulate a dedicated core machine.

Thanks Henry - I figured that out after reading the Roon basics. Probably should have tried that first:)

So I will probably get a Nucleus and new ipad or Android Tablet.

Bummer on the iPad2 as mine has had little use and works fine with Soundstream app.

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