Roon does not show Tidal's new albums in category "What's new"

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since 24.12.21 Roon does not show Tidal’s new albums in the category “What’s new”. But the new albums are accessible via search. Logout and login in Tidal does not solve the problem. The new single tracks are up to date. In BlueOS the new albums are not synced too. So I contacted the Tidal support to check this. But in their new answer they wrote the following:

Thank you for your patience. Our tech team has reviewed your case.

They recommend to contact Roon and BluOS that the new albums available in TIDAL are not being updated. This is related to issues within their interfaces. Unfortunately, we do not manage or control TIDAL within Roon or BluOS, but their support teams will have the proper tools to troubleshoot this effectively.

Maybe there was a change in the Tidal database. I don’t know. Any ideas?

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Mines been updating fine to show new releases. Must be local to your network blocking.something or perhaps your ISP if it’s also affecting BluOS. Does the Tidal app itself show the latest releases ok?

first of all thank you for your answer. Yes the Tidal app shows the new releases. And when i enter the discovery section and choose „Genres“ the new releases are shown in Roon too. Only the „What‘s new“ section is not being updated. And the misbehaviour is confirmed by Tidal, so i can expel problems on my local network.

Since today the new albums are synced. So you can close the case.
Cu Uli

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