Roon does not start anymore on MacOS with High Sierra (MacOS 10.14)

Unfortunately, I have automatic roon update installed on my Mac with High Sierra. Now, after the latest Update Roon does not start anymore. It worked for years with out problem, Specificationo says MacOS 10.14. Thats a real bummer, it excludes High Sierra, and my MacBook 2010 does not allwow to upgrade to 10.14. I am not going to buy a new computer.

Is there any way I can downgrade to be able to still use a Mac with High Sierra?

Hi @Daniel_Schmid1,

Roon’s view is quite clear, see this statement from them …

If you have your own backup of the Roon installation and a recent pre-upgrade Roon database backup, you could try to reinstate the old version of Roon and then restore the Roon DB.

However, even if you can get this working, it would have it’s limitations for example the iOS/iPadOS/Android Roon applications will only run against the latest version of Roon, so you would be limited to controlling Roon from the that Mac. Most importantly it’s still only a short team measure as there is no guaranteed compatibility been older Roon installation and Roon’s backend (Cloud) services, sooner or later that version of Roon will become inoperable.

Not what you want to hear of course, sorry about that.

Out of curiosity what version of Roon was running before this update took place, iirc the requirement for macOS 10.14+ has been in place for long time (maybe this new version tipped it over the edge)?

Hi @Carl , thank you for immediate reply. Appreciated.

Since probably many people use an older Mac as a core, it would be very handy if roon core run on older Macs. Often the hardware is still absolutely fine to run with roon core. I never had a problem with my 2010 MacBook Pro and roon.

But I actually blame Apple more for not being able to run a new OS version with old hardware… everyone can think what they want about why Apple does this…

I decided therefor to take another route and installed a patched Catalina (MacOS 10.5) which works on older Apple hardware. Works flawlessly, I am back as happy roon user!

If anybody has the same problem, here is the link to the patch which updates older macs with Catalina