Roon does not start unless Windows 10 is rebooted

I am having a problem getting Roon to start. I am using Windows 10. To get Roon to start, I must restart the computer and then Roon will boot up. I have tried to run as adminstrator and have run the compatiblity programs. What needs to be done?

You shouldn’t have to do any of that. The guys are busy with CES this week, so, whilst you wait for them to pick up with you, it would help to describe more details.

What version did you install?
Did you apply anything specific when you ran the install?
What, if any virus s/w is there ?

Running as administrator is a risky move–it can cause some of Roon’s files to become owned by the Administrator and non-writable to your normal user account, and it is never necessary since Roon is designed to run as a normal non-privileged user.

@vova should be around to collect logs + help you troubleshoot.

Hey @mark_SILVER apologize for troubles and for the response delay. I sent you private message with detailed instructions how to send the logs.


did you recieve the log i sent? getting tiresome having to restart computer to get Roon to load?

Hey @mark_SILVER, apologize for late response here. We did get the logs. And requested additional info regarding your setup via PM.