Roon does not stream to my Devialet Expert Pro

I freshly installed Roon on my new PC Laptop (Windows 10) using it as core to get rid of iTunes in future. Todate I stream my Music from iTunes on my PC via airplay to to my Devialet Expert Pro 250 (latest Firmware 13.0.0, connected via Ethernet to the router, WiFi disabled) . This works.
Alternatively I tried to use the devialetAir Driver 3.0.4 but this failed. Devialet told me that it is not compatible with windows10.
Unfortunately Roon does not stream music to my Expert Pro. It recognizes my gadget but what I see is strange:
I hope there is a solution

@Thomas_Dittenhofer Delete the Devialet Air driver, as it’s not compatible with the integration of Devialet by Roon. Then, re-boot your Roon core. Assuming your Devialet is on the same network as Roon, you should now see the Devialet as an available zone.

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@Thomas_Dittenhofer This link from Roon regarding the Roon integration with Devialet might help!

Just to be precise - You need to completely uninstall Devialet Air on your PC.

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I did completely uninstall DevialetAir and just reinstalled Roon. But no effect. As roon tested device it Shows me again: Devialet Expert via AirPlay.

Have you checked again in the Roon settings - audio to see whether it is appearing there.

@Thomas_Dittenhofer You don’t need the devialetAir Driver on the Mac, un-install it (otherwise you’ll get “transport in use” errors).

In Roon, goto Settings > Audio.

Add the “MyDevialet-ETH” device, and ignore the Airplay one!


The signal path should look like this:

Mike, the problem is with my PC not with a Mac. There I do not see the option of “my Devialet ETH” ( I’d be delighted.)
I checked the matter with my “old” Mac mini. Installing Roon there (as core) was no Problem. Everything works fine. I just had to enable the DevialetAir Driver. The Picture of devices is exactly that you attached.

I just wonder could it help to deinstall iTunes from the PC ?

Thomas, silly question, perhaps, but did you enable the Devialet Ethernet port via its control panel? If yes, and if you’ve connected the Devialet to your network by Ethernet, you should be able to set it up as indicated in the Roon audio tab.

There’s a thread about someone with an Expert Pro also having issues such as yours:
Problems with Devialet Core Infinity streaming board?

Michael, the Devialet Ethernet port is enabled for all what I can understand.
With my old Mac MIni (in same network) I see the following picture:

With my PC: I guess the problem is that the DevialetAir Driver is not compatible with Windows10 and Roon faces the same problem with the integrated DevialetAir Driver.
Is there anybody who runs an ExpertPro successfully with a PC Windows10?
I already contacted Devialet and wait for their answer

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Did Roon confirm that their integrated support for AIR does not work on Windows 10? I had not heard that before (though I don’tuse a PC for Roon). As I understand it, Roon’s support for AIR is completely independent of Devialet’s host-side drivers.

As @mikeb suggests, maybe Roon is blocked by the Windows firewall.

I do - and always have - run my Devialet from a Roon installation on a Windows 10 computer. You need to have completely uninstalled Devialet Air from your computer.

Paul, I checked again if there is any file or Folder of DevialetAir remained on my disk. Even the waste paper bin I cleared. For all what I can see there is nothing left.


regarding Windows fire wall see attached my screen shot:

It seems to there is no blockage. If I have to check at other places as well please advise.

Thomas, let’s check one more thing. As you have an Expert Pro with the Core Infinity board, have you updated your Devialet to the most recent firmware – 13.0.0 + DOS 2.2.2?

I believe so, says so in the opening post.

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I’m also wondering if theres a remnant of the Devialet Air driver still lurking.

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Hmm. Should there be a tick in the far left-hand box for the second instance of Roon?

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@mikeb Ah, I see that now…

just to confirm, yes the expert is running with the latest firmware 13.0.0 + DOS 2.2.2.

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