Roon does not work if the IOS device has no internet connection

Core Machine

Nucleus B, Roon 1.8

Network Details

Fritz!Box 7590, WIFI

Audio Devices

MacBook Pro 11.2.3, Sonos, Iphone XS Max IOS 14.4.2, iPad Pro IOS 14.4.2 - all Wifi

Description of Issue

In the last few days our internet connection was disrupted several times. With my Macbook, I was able to start Roon (Nucleus B) and listen to my local music without any problems.

Unfortunately, I was no longer able to control Roon with my IOS devices (iPhone, iPad under IOS 14.4.2). There seems to be a bug here.

When I start Roon on an IOS device without an internet connection, the last page opened appears. Nothing else can be selected. Only when the device has an internet connection again does the control work with the same IOS device again.

Of course, there was also a WLAN connection during the time when the internet connection was not working.

Do others have the same problem? I ask for help.

Yes, I’ve had this issue and it has been reported. Not sure if they have started looking into the issue or not.

Guessing here: Roon phones home occasionally, requiring an internet connection. Perhaps you were able to listen for awhile, then got interrupted once a phone-home was attempted.

I can’t speak for the OP’s issue for sure but that is not what I experienced. During a week long freeze with rolling blackouts, that also took the service provider out, it happened every time the internet dropped. IOS remote would freeze if it was already up, or freeze up during startup.

Strange, the lack of internet never affects Roon’s ability to play, as long as the router itself is working and I’m playing stuff on my hard drive. Good thing, too, as Xfinity in my area is always going out. It makes you wonder why some have this problem, and some don’t.

Hey @Patrick_Rausch,

Thank you so much for reaching out when you ran into this issue. I am so sorry we didn’t get a chance to reply until today :pleading_face:

I wanted to thank you that in our absence you’ve been engaging with other subscribers to find a solution. I was wondering, is this something you still need help with?

I also have an open ticket on this issue and as far as I know it has not been addressed. I have not had a power outage since the issue occurred.

Easy enough to check out, just pull the plug on your modem and see it ipad roon remote works. Try and start the session with the IPAD after the connection is down.