Roon doesn’t have specific acknowledgement of Ayre Codex

Have a codex and ultrarendu
Roon sees Codex as Ayre USB but not as specific model
Is this new or has this been the case all along and I didn’t notice(there are “buttons” for two other Ayre products
Thoughts ?

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Hello @Michael_Garnett,

The Ayre Codex is currently in the final stages of Roon Tested certification. We hope to have a device icon for the device in the device identification engine in the near future.


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Thank you, when that process is complete is there additionsl sonic improvement ?

Pretty sure never got a response to that last question
So I ll ask again and add another thanks
Once icon for codex done, does that mean that sound quality will be improved
Second is it possible to use roon upsampling features even though this is not a DSD dac or do I need to stick w bit perfect ?

Hey John,
Almost June, 2019 and the Codex is still showing up as ‘Ayre USB’. Was there a problem in the testing/certification?
The Codex setup options for DSD in Roon (Nucleus to Codex via USB) only allows for DSD over DoP. Do you know if that is because its USB DAC does not handle straight DSD, or because testing has not been completed ?

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And now it’s December, nearly 2020. Any luck here guys?