Roon doesn’t import more than 9700 cd’s from TIDAL

On everyone try to import cd’s from grace jones they wil not import in roon.

It’s working here for me - I’ve just added two Grace Jones CDs from TIDAL to my library. I’m in the Netherlands as well…

Oke dan weet ik dat het niet aan roon ligt.

I can not import more than 9700 cd’s from tidel

I think that may be a limit at Tidal as to how many favorite albums you are allowed to have. I thought it was 10,000, but maybe you have 300 playlists or something that are also favorited?

Dear james where can I vind this info.

Regards rene

Ask TIDAL support - it’s their restriction. Here’s what they told a Roon user a couple of years ago:

Thanks i have red the conversation 10.000 limit cap.