Roon doesn’t play MQA on FiiO m17?


I recently got a FiiO m17. It definitively supports mqa. When I listen to music directly in the tidal app the lights are purple and it says mqa on top.
However in roon I only get yellow light. Which means high res. Sometimes even blue light which means low res. Definitely no mqa here. What am I doing wrong? I Setup the settings under mqa capabilities as decoder and encoder.

Android OS Audio mixer ( seen as AAudio as the output) is 48kHz, so Roon resamples to that resolution. Resampling can kill MQA control signals. I would suggest you set Roon to do the first unfold.

So Setting to renderer only?

Then I’ll get 96khz at least and yellow light. Still no purple. Funny thing is. Sometimes it’s purple sometimes yellow. Weird

Didn’t make any difference you can usually set MQA at all for some Android devices cant for my dap nothing shows up in settings.

Roon doesn’t pass bit perfect signal on Android only for 48/24 or in your case 96/24 it depends on what the DAC reports to Android.Os for most it’s 48/24 some 44.1/24 yours 96/24. Often the drives change this due to what was last played by the native apps. Which might be why you get it to wor sometimes and not others.You really can’t get MQA to work on Android devices Roon doesn’t really allow it.

Ah ok thanks.
Yeah. Weird. I had 96khz just now. Then I went a song back and forth. 48 again. So weird. Well…now I know at least why. I thought I’m the problem :smiley: thanks!