Roon Doesn't Always Recognize Newly Added Music as Even Existing

Thanks for your ideas. Name change seems to be the best option still.

I’ve experienced that, it’s frustrating. A few suggestions:

  1. Did you check for skipped files under Settings>Library>Skipped files?
  2. Have you checked if the folders and files to be imported obey the requirements
  3. Both CD rips and some online sources (eClassical is especially difficult, but I’ve had the same happen with other sources, including Presto) can create/use problematic folder and file names. These days, the first thing I do after I rip a CD or buy a download is to use a metadata editor (in my case, on a Mac, Metadatics or Mp3tag) to convert track file names to a form acceptable to Roon.
  4. Last but not the least, file transfers between different operating systems can rewrite folder and file names in problematic ways because different operating systems have different name conventions.

Mil gracias, Fernando! Voy a ver (1) la proxima vez k compra algo no leeable por Roon. (3) funciona bien. Re-importé los archivos de Ferras con el nombre 000 y llegaron. K raro – el nombre original es lo de Tidal, y una busca en el nombre original funciona pero no para mis archivos. Gracias otra vez!

In re (1): Los archivos que intenté cargar recientemente, pero no aparecen, no se encuentran en la lista de “skipped files”. Los archivos que tengo en “skipped files” son los que arranqué en alta definición de blurays hace unos años. Esos juegan en iTunes, pero no en Roon. Pero no son los recientes.
Creo k es una problema de nombres de archivos o algo. Gracias otra vez!

Hi @Geoffrey_Braswell I’m actually Portuguese, so my Spanish is a bit flaky :grinning: I’m glad I could help a bit, these things can be a drag.

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Fernando – Ooof. My eyesight is pretty poor; I thought your last name was Perrera – send me back to the dog pound. Apologies. I see you are a skier, and I am a big fan of Mammoth. I took a fall this May 5, broke tibia and fibula, and need a replacement ACL. So I have had two months to wrestle with Roon a little more. ;-). Thanks again for your detailed

Sorry about the ski fall damage, I feel for you, broken bones and knee surgeries including :grimacing: I mostly ski the backcountry, which has somewhat different dangers from resort runs. Never been to Mammoth itself, but I’ve enjoyed some amazing touring in the nearby Eastern Sierra.