Roon doesn't find (anymore) my Lumin U1 Mini

Roon Core on Mac Mini macOS 10.14.5
wired connection to Lumin (and NAS, Router etc)

all was fine 'till yesterday and I haven’t changed/touched a thing

Lumin is online, connected to my network and working fine (playing right now using
Audirvana sees it and has no issue using it as endpoint :roll_eyes:

tried, to no avail, restarting my Roon Core :no_mouth:

oh, and… yes: Roon Ready is enabled (since the day I bought it and still is) on the Lumin :stuck_out_tongue:

Please turn off then turn on Roon Ready using Lumin app. If that does not work, power cycle the Lumin.

If it still does not work, power off all network devices including Roon core, Lumin, iPad. Power cycle the Wi-Fi router. Wait for 5 minutes, then power up Roon core. Wait some more, then power everything back up.

Please describe your network topology and model of router etc.

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pheeeew! that did it :no_mouth:

thank you Peter :slight_smile:

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Great. This restarts the RAAT client.

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I still need to know your Wi-Fi router model. Please reserve IP addresses for both Roon core and Lumin in router DHCP reservation.

TP-Link Deco M9 Plus router(s)
wired connection to a TP-Link Jetstream T2500G-10TS switch
fiber connection to a TP-Link MC220L Gigabit SFP media converter (TP-Link TL-SM311LS SFPs at both ends)
wired connection to a Cisco SG100D-08 v2 switch connecting:
late 2012, 2.3GHz i7 quad-core Mac Mini (Roon Core), Qnap HS-251+ NAS and Lumin U1 MIni

yes: IP addresses for both Mac Mini and Lumin are reserved on the router (and both were fine) :wink:

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