Roon doesn't find artists on Tidal

Running roon core on iMac 3.3 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5 24GB.

Roon seems to have difficulty interfacing with Tidal. Example: I search for Kasey Musgraves and get Kasey Chambers in the artist section and a couple of random songs from a karaoke compilation. Then i search for her latest album (Star-crossed) and find it. From there i can navigate to all her content on Tidal.

I’ve read through numerous threads but don’t really see a “solution”. Plenty of “you’re doing it wrong”… Shouldn’t i be able to search for a fairly well known artist that has plenty of content on Tidal and expect to get a reasonable result?

You’re not doing anything wrong. The search function is sub par and needs to be significantly improved. Roon are working on it and there is a dedicated thread on here about it. Some users have been given access to beta test.

Hopefully it gets sorted soon. I dread using it.

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As far As I know it is spelled “Kacey Musgraves” not " Kasey"
This is what I get when I search for “Kacey Musgraves”:

This is what I get when searching for “Kasey Musgraves”:

Yes - now try doing the same two searches in Tidal. Tidal seems to be able to handle the mis-spelling of Kasey just fine. Why is Roon not getting the same result when sending the same query to Tidal?

Ur not the only one,there’s alot of artists profile pictures missing aswell,I quit roon after the disastrous update from 1.7 to 1.8,i came bck last week there hasn’t been much improvement,ios and android app are still a stuttering and laggy mess,random crashes,I absolutely luved roon and bought a subscription 4y in a row but the 1.8 update was a massive mistake,it broke more things than it fixed,