Roon doesn't load after the SSO forced logout

After login via SSO Roon doesn’t load.

It’s back, takes 10 minutes to login? Holy (*#@$&

How big is your library?

Yeah, it took about 15 minutes here. The library wasn’t loaded at the time. Roon has been playing with no issues

Got my update earlier and I just have the ARC logo. It forced closed after some time after the login prompt. So I am guessing once again I have lost my several hundred downloaded albums and will need to download them all again :cry:

I don’t even get that far :slight_smile:

Roon main client signed in straight away but ARC

Mine got the original login page and run for some time and then crashed.
Normal Roon all good.

Hopefully they will hold off rolling it out more widely. Personally I think mine might have lost connection and then crapped the bed

Well I ended up having to delete the cache and 99GB of storage and then logged back in and re-synced everything.
Just have to download all the music again :disappointed:

I had to restart Roon app after trying to log in. Working now. Have not tried ARC yet.

edit: Tidal logged out and needed to be logged back in.

I also just noticed after uploading a load of albums I purchased last night that they were not showing up.
I rebooted Roon and after that the 290 new tracks where there, but when I went into library cleanup to check that out, Roon wanted to clean up 11,500 files that were no longer associated with my storage location. After investigation Tidal had become unconfigured and it was OK last night, so I assume that this was related to being logged out. Qobuz was fine though so seems a bit strange.

Yes, several people reported Tidal logout in other threads. I also had Tidal logged out but my Qobuz stayed logged in

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It has definitely been a strange Roon day today, thankfully they do not happen that often to me :grinning:

It’s the first time we had a “let’s log everyone out and see what happens” event :slight_smile:

That is a fair point.
When is it happening to the people not on Early Access?
I think I might plan to be elsewhere on that day :roll_eyes:

I suppose they’ll address the issues before flipping that switch. Else I’ll plan a forum vacation :man_surfing:t3:

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500.000 tracks

When the Roon team have fully sorted the issues out with all of us earlyaccess users, hopefully!
Thats what we are here for :grinning:

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Well it’s not meant to be the bleeding edge of Alpha software, but yes some small amount of pain is expected.

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