Roon doesn't pick up artwork changes

Running ROCK on a NUC, working via a PC connected by ethernet to the ROCK. Storage drive connected to the NUC via USB.

When I delete artwork in a music folder, it does not update in Roon. I need to force rescan the directory from settings to get it to work.

I thought with a locally connected drive, these kind of changes would be reflected instantly in Roon?

Edit: even a force rescan doesn’t seem to be working

Are you sure that Roon is using the artwork file from your storage drive and not artwork it found on its own? Depending on your import settings, Roon will use its own artwork if it finds “better” or bigger artwork artwork in its database. You can set Roon to have a preference for its own artwork, artwork from your storage, or to compare them and pick whichever one is “best”. You can also change which artwork Roon is using per specific albums by going to the “Edit” album window and selecting your preference

Thanks for your reply. I’m sure that Roon is finding the artwork from my storage drive and is not finding it on its own - Roon finds around 8 images for this album, including scanned front, back and liner notes. Roon doesn’t find this artwork on its own, only the front cover images.

You’re kidding - you need to refresh the cache every time you make a change to the images? Doesn’t Roon monitor the folders in real time? It’s the main reason I switched from a NAS to a locally connected USB3 drive!!

I double checked, and that’s just not true. I just deleted an image from an album folder, did a force rescan, and it disappeared from Roon also. So you don’t necessarily need to refresh the cache.

Hello @extracampine, my apologies for the delay. Could you please reproduce this issue one more time and reply here with a timestamp when you do? Then please use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link.

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