Roon doesn't recognize Mamboberry DAC on PI


I’m trying to run a Mamboberry DAC on a RPI 3 B+ with the latest Ropieeexl image.

The RPI is connected via LAN and/or WLAN, Airplay works fine. There’s no problem to reach the Ropieee’s web interface, but no chance to see it in roonaudio’s audio zone. Another hardware setup with a Mamboberry Crystek edition is working fine. I tried several ropieee software setups, of course the Hifiberry DAC driver which should work with both DACs and works with the Crystek Edition.

I sent you a feedback with this identifier: 98ffd54c9c89ba89 Maybe you have an idea…


It al seems fine. RoonBridge working etc.

So to be clear: if you go to Roon’s setting/audio page the unit is not discovered by Roon?

Hello Mr. ten Berge,
I am very pleased to hear from you. First of all, thank you very much for all the great work you’ve done.
Yes, it’s correct. The unit is not discovered by Roon. Another unit is working always fine. It’s the same hardware except of the Crystek clock.

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