Roon doesn't recognize my Qobuz account

It happened before. Now, again, I cannot access my Qobuz account with the correct password. How sad… I access perfectly via web. No access from Roon neither from Ipad nor from Android in my Samsung phone.
Bring back Qobuz please…

Are you trying to sign into Qobuz inside of Roon with your username?
If so please try signing in with your email address instead, Qobuz has changed the way third party vendors sign into Qobuz lately
Thank you

Yes, i am trying to log in with my email address.

Then I would suggest a total reboot of everything, router, modem, Core machine etc and see if that helps.

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Hi, @Diego, sorry to hear about your troubles. Could you, please, tell have you tried changing your password on Qobuz web-page and then trying to log in Qobuz account in Roon once again?



Five hours later, I can enter Qobuz from Roon with the same password. Thank you all for the kind suggestions.

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