Roon doesn't recognize my Tidal sign in info


I was on a trial account for two weeks and everything worked fine. I bought the lifetime membership and created a new account. When I signed on I was prompted to sign on to my Tidal account. Roon gives me a bad password/userid message and will not let me add my Tidal account. I went directly to the Tidal site just to make sure it wasn’t an issue with them. I was able to sign in with no problem. Please assist me.

Thanks for sharing your report with us, @Randy_Hatcher, and apologies for the difficulties here.

Often times power cycling your Core machine will resolve this type of login issue — Can you give this a try?

If that didn’t yield and positive results, please try the following:

  • Close Roon
  • Find your Roon database
  • Delete the tidal_account file (Database > Registry > Core > tidal_account).

Once you do this try to login again and let us know if this helps.


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Thank you for your quick and helpful response. Deleting the tidal account from the database fixed the issue. BTW you might want to change the directions in the knowledge base. The instructions for accessing/unhiding the library folder on the MAC says to depress the ALT key. There is no ALT key on the MAC keyboard. I was able to figure out it was the OPTION key. Thanks again for your help.

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correction…the option key is also labeled alt. My mistake. Thanks again for your help.

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