Roon doesn't recognize Squeezebox

I have a sonic transporter with a Squeezebox app. I also have an old Sonicorbiter connected via USB to my PS Audio Direct Stream DAC. I’ve enabled Squeezebox in my Roon preferences, Squeezebox shows that it is running, I can access through iPeng on my iPad, but the zone doesn’t show up in Roon. I’m just curious why this might be. Nothing critical as I stream primarily through the Bridge II on the DAC, but just wondering why Squeezebox doesn’t.

Wondering if anyone has any thoughts. @support

Software Squeezebox endpoints are not supported. Here is from the FAQ:

Squeezelite/Software endpoints

Roon does not support software implementations of squeezebox endpoints, and we do not test with them as part of our QA process. If you attempt to do this, you are on your own.

Thanks. I should have said in my original post that Squeezebox used to show up as a zone, but after the last update, no longer. Not a big issue for me, just wondering.