Roon doesn't reconnect to SMB server after reboot

Well, the title says it all. Roon doesn’t automaticly reconnect to SMB server after reboot a 2012 Mac Mini. What’t to do?
Running OSX El Capitan 10.11.4 and a Qnap TS-459 for shared folders.

Are you mounting the volume on the Mac then getting Roon to search it or telling Roon to search the QNAP directly as a remote NAS?

Roon searching directly om the Qnap.

What address are you mapping to? Feel free to obfuscate details to protect your NAS.

This is how I did mine: -

1, Go to Finder-Go-Connect To Server
2, Add your server address (mine is smb://
3, Press the + sign and then connect
4, Input your user name and password when connected.
5, Once the server is connected you will see a new window in finder pop up.
6, Go to Preferences
7, Go to Users & Groups
8, Highlight your profile and click on Login Items
9, Click on the + sign and navigate to your newly connected server and the folder with your music on.
10, Click ok and close preferences.
11, Now reboot and make sure the server connects on startup.

That should do it.

Thanks, I will try that. Let you know if it works. :+1:t2:

Just did the trick and it works. Thanks a lot!!

No worries @Wim_Enting

@Wayne_Bull1 I used to have my NAS set like this. However, I have a headless system and don’t have the NAS on all the time, and so I found that OSX would pop up a warning box about the NAS not being available, which would then require me to VNC in to clear it otherwise it would stop other apps (like RoonServer) launching.

Any ideas for a good way around this?

I still have mine set as Wayne suggests but too have exactly the same issue as described by Steve and haven’t found a way around it either but would be most interested to hear of one.

@hifi_swlon Steve, Is there any reason you turn your NAS off?

Your problem is probably happening because your NAS is being given a new IP address and so your devices cant find it if the IP is different from last time.

The best way is to set your NAS a static IP address. I have a WD My book live and set it through the inbuilt software.

I have my music on a QNAP NAS with folder name “Roon”. If I go to Finder in OSX and Go > Connect to Server > Browse my NAS shows up having the name “NASE55XXX(SMB)”.

I then set the Roon Watched Folder to the path “smb://nase55xxx/Roon”. I do not need to mount this folder to the Mac for Roon to see it and to log in each time, nor does it need an IP address.

Thanks Wayne, but no, its static. (I’m reasonable with IT but just haven’t had time to figure this one out).

My NAS’s primary function is backup, its just that I’ve put some overspill music files on it recently (rare listens, DSD experiments etc). I know it’s low power but I try and be as green as I can and don’t want it on all the time - it’s in another room but knowing its on doing nothing when I walk in bothers me. I know, I know, its a NAS, but……

Incidentally I recently scheduled it to come on at weekends and go off the rest of the week, but I’m guessing Roon is hanging onto it somehow as it doesn’t shut down (it used to before I had it mounted in Roon). So I need to deal with that too.

Interesting, I may well try that approach… Maybe that will sort my scheduled power down too.


Have you got a decent wi-fi network connection?

I had no end of trouble until I upgraded to fibre broadband. Could’nt even get a smb share and had to connect ftp.

Since I’ve gone fibre…no problems

Wired gig-e (cat5e)

maybe try an ftp share?

Sorry, I’ve lost the thread of what the wifi/ftp share would address? I only get the warning about the NAS not being available when its turned off. I was just looking for a way to mount automatically, but not have a warning box that needs human intervention to ‘silence’ so that the system can continue….

I found ftp re-connection far more reliable than smb

sorry we crossed, see above. re-connection is fine. its the turned off state thats an issue.