Roon doesn't remember thumbnails?

ROCK on Intel NUC (NUC8i7BEH 8559U). Internal 8TB SSD for music storage, internal M.2 SSD for Roon database. One of my remotes is a PC (Intel i5 9600K, GeForce GTX 1080ti, 16GB DDR4, Patriot 500GB SSD), connected to the ROCK via a ethernet cable/Netgear switch/ethernet cable.

I’m noticing that when scrolling through my albums on the PC (in album view), if I scroll at any speed then instead of seeing the album cover thumbnails, I inintially see grey boxes in their place. These will then tend to populate with the proper album thumbnails in around a second, sometimes a bit less (for a page of thumbnails).

This happens even if I have just scrolled over those albums a minute earlier. I thought that the thumbnails would have been generated and I would no longer see the grey boxes? What is going on here?

The artwork changed included…

that being said, I believe that work is being done to speed up display based on recent feedback in that same thread.

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Thanks @Rugby. It’s the album covers though, not the artist images. Maybe it’s part of the same issue. Hopefully they’ll be able to sort it.

Hi Extacampine, I assumed it was for all images in Roon now. I was getting the same slow issue with album covers as well as, or sometimes, greater than slowness in Artist Avatars.

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