Roon doesn't run after upgrading Windows

I have exactly the same problem after upgrading windows from home to windows 1o pro.
I have followed the re install procedure , but ROON does not run?
Please assist

As post script ROON is reported to be running in Task Manager -zero CPU usage but some memory allocated.
TIDAL is running fine as a stand alone application .
ROON is just dead

Hello @Robert_Jenkins, I’ve split out your post to its own support topic…

In order for Roon’s @support team to better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware

It would be helpful if you could describe what you are seeing now - a login screen? - a screenshot would help.

OK Thanks for your reply.
The attached screen shot appears when opening ROONROON SCREEN SHOT
Streaming only set up.
Router RJ45 output cat 8 ethernet cable to audiophile network switch RJ45 (same)
RJ45 output into thunderbolt input on laptop
Acer Laptop - Dedicated to audio. 20Gb RAM SSD Windows 10 Pro AO and Fidelizer Pro audio enhancement software USB supra 2.0 output to SMSL DAC
Analogue balanced output into
Elac Navis ARB -51 active speakers
Exclusively streaming from TIDAL and QOBUZ
No Issues running Windows 10 home - Problem after upgrade to Windows 10 Pro
TIDAL direct opens and runs without any issues . QOBUZ not available outside of ROON
Thank you
Robert Jenkins

Try installing the manufacturer video driver not the one that Windows installs, then reboot

May work ?

log file 2 log file 1

@ log files one from ROON _old and the other from new ROON install

Resolved .
Uninstalled ROON with Revo uninstaller , but did not remove folders and files.
Re-Installed ROON - SAME ISSUE !!!
Uninstalled ROON again including all the files , folders and back ups etc.
Re - installed ROON YES !!! Back up. , everything fine .TIDAL and QOBUZ ACTIVATED
Strange thing is my library intact ? Everything good

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Hello @Robert_Jenkins, pleased to hear everything ok now, and thanks for explaining how you fixed it.

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