Roon doesn't see Allo USBridge Sig anymore :-/

Roon (1.8 b795) on Cirrus7 NUC (running ROCK) up, running and rebooted
RooPieee XL (v.3.113 stable) on Allo USBridge Sig up, running and rebooted
(both can be accessed via their web UIs)
Chord Qutest (connected to USBridge) up, running, rebooted and unplugged/replugged USB (at both ends)

everything was working fine yesterday (and the two/three years before). haven’t touched a thing since
today when I tried starting a playback session…

Screenshot 2021-06-02 at 15.35.13
(doesn’t show in “Preferences/Audio” either)

any idea, please?

just found it does show, though, in “Settings”:

which makes me fear… Qutest is having issues :grimacing:
(… or USBridge’s USB port)

ok: re-flashed (“plain” RooPiee as XL was just to give HQPlayer a try then… too lazy to revert :stuck_out_tongue:) and all is fine now :slight_smile: